During the current pandemic, restaurants are among the businesses hardest hit, but there are some good news stories. One that I have enjoyed comes from south London.


The Clink restaurant at Brixton prison in south London, is run by the Clink Charity. Situated in the Old Governor’s House, within the prison grounds, it is open to the public and is highly rated by the website tripadvisor. Like other restaurants, it was forced to close at the start of the COVID pandemic. But for the Clink restaurant the loss of income was not its major concern. It’s major concern was the lost opportunities for prisoners, as the Clink restaurant is a training restaurant, enabling prisoners to learn professional culinary skills and to work with the public while gaining professional qualifications. So the Clink restaurant responded to its enforced closure by launching a take-away meals service, so enabling prisoners to continue their training. Customers within a 5 mile radius of the prison can order take-away restaurant meals, that are delivered in the prison project’s delivery van. Within a week of the take-away service being launched, all delivery slots for the week were filled.


The Clink Charity, formed in 2010, is not a Christian charity, but it shares many of its values with Christianity. It states its belief in people being given a second chance, and opportunities to rebuild their lives, values that Christianity recognises as forgiveness and redemption. The Clink Charity focuses on the preparation of food, and on serving others, within the context of hospitality and eating together. Growing from the same values in ancient Judaism, Christianity has always recognised the importance of hospitality and of sharing food in breaking down the barriers, and overcoming the divisions, that separate us. Christianity too has always been based around belief in the intrinsic worth and unique gifts of each individual, and the belief that all flourish best when these gifts are used to build up community.


  • Who do you enjoy preparing or eating food with? Why?

  • Is there any one you would not like to share food with? Why?

  • For you, what things make a meal with someone a ‘good meal’? Why?


Prayer for the week - 14th August 2020


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