This week, as I have seen and read various news articles, the word that kept coming to mind is ‘milestones.’ But I also reflected that milestones are only important if we choose to make them so.


In recent days, it seems as though there is no shortage of news presenters, politicians and scientists discussing the changes, or proposed changes to lockdown restrictions across the four nations of the UK. And there seems very little consensus on whether these changes are a wonderful milestone in the recovery from the COVID pandemic or a dangerous risk, or both. In other news, the Black Lives Matter protests, although triggered by a tragedy that should never have happened, fell to me like a milestone in our global and national awareness of racial injustice.


Milestones are traditionally markers on a journey, but such markers can be either encouraging or alarming, or sometimes both. Or we can choose to ignore them. If we take notice of them, they can show us how far we have come, but they can also show us how far we still have to go. For me, the Black Lives Matter protests draw my attention to some of our national and global history that has shaped our nation, but in ways that I am not proud of. I believe they also demand that we take responsibility for where we want our nation to be going.


Most of the time the Bible speaks of ‘you’ plural; the examples where it is addressed to ‘you’ singular are few and far between. The Bible teaches repeatedly that we belong together, with one another and with the whole of creation. The journey of life, if you like, is one that we travel with others, and one that we each shape for all, for good or ill, by the steps that we take. Our global history is of a journey where some have travelled in comfort, while far more have struggled and have been left behind. My hope and my prayer is that we will all choose to notice some of our recent milestones, and they will help each of us to travel in a way that will build a better world for all creation.


  • Have you personal or external milestones that have influenced you?

  • What parts of ‘the journey of life,’ personally, nationally or globally are you most pleased with, or most dissatisfied with? Why?


Prayer for the week - 26th June 2020


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